Swine Flu sweeps the country.

Ministers fired over expenses fiddle

Lotto Jackpot stands at £7 million.

FTSE100: 4345 with a drop of 117 points
Dow Jones: 8292.15
NASDAQ: 1695.25, -25.03
Gold: £602.34 troy oz.
Silver: £10.73
Oil: $59.65 Barrel
US Dollar: $1.56

We are in the middle of a worldwide recession said to be as bad as the 1930's Great Depression.

Man United are at the top of the Premiership league followed by Liverpool and Chelsea.

Weather for West Midlands: Persistent heavy rain, 9C

Movies: Angels & Demons, Blind Loves, Hanah Montana

McDonalds fastfood is hiring right now for starting wage of £5.73 per Hour

Average 2-Litre bottle of Coca-Cola, £1.56

Average cost for 1 Litre of petrol, £0.90

House prices in the UK continue to decline at 20% per year.

The average cost of a home in the UK is £151,863

The Times newspaper costs £0.90